What is Anfield?
Anfield is a Tel Aviv based private investment company founded by Jonathan Kolber. Anfield actively invests in early stage tech companies.
What makes us different?
Our unique position as a private investment company means that we are not driven solely by exits and fees. We invest swiftly, connect globally, and are flexible in our approach. We are committed to investing in relationships that will stand the test of time and in founders that want to make a dent in the world.
At what stage should a startup reach out to Anfield?
Generally, Anfield invests in companies at their pre-seed, post-seed, pre-A stage of growth however, our thesis is flexible and we are open to invest in all stages of a tech company’s journey.
Who do we invest in? Are there specific industries?
Anfield invests in passionate founders who possess honesty, humility, drive, and expertise in their field. With a diverse investment portfolio, Anfield remains open to opportunities in various sectors. Anfield's investment portfolio is not limited to any specific vertical and the firm is open to investing in almost all sectors that pique its interest. This approach allows Anfield to maintain a diverse portfolio of investments and stay ahead of emerging trends and technologies across different industries.
What is our investment process?
Anfield's investment process is relatively quick compared to typical venture capital funds. The process starts with an initial meeting with the founders. If there is interest, Anfield will carry out due diligence and further discussions with the company. Usually, Anfield will make a decision within a couple of weeks of the initial meeting.
How does Anfield help with future financing in later rounds?
At Anfield, we view our initial investment as just the beginning of a company's journey. We allocate funds for follow-on rounds, recognizing that success takes time, effort, and resources. Our focus is long-term, supporting the company every step of the way. We provide guidance to navigate growth challenges, believing that investing is a partnership based on a shared vision. For us, it's more than a transaction; it's a commitment to building lasting relationships.